Is there a contract I must sign?

There is no contract to sign

Where are you located?

We are now holding sessions/events at the SandCastle Fitness at 1938 – 152nd Street in Surrey. Click here for additional location information.

I’m single, is there a partner for me?

Yes and no. There are always single men and women of all ages. We rotate partners so every one gets a chance to dance with a partner. You might have to wait for a few minutes for the rotation but you WILL learn. All schools have this challenge. If you feel uncomfortable with this arrangement you don’t have to stay and we’ll put you on a waiting list.

If I miss a lesson how do I catch up?

Take a private lesson for $10 off. You won’t slow down the class and the benefits surpass a social dance class. Fundamentals at bronze level are the most important and should not be missed and are a great asset to your dance foundation and development in the future.

What happens if I miss a private lesson?

If you cancel within 24 hours, no problem! If you cancel after that or don’t show up then you will be charged the full fee for the lesson.

Can I bring my child to watch?

Yes, as long as they can remain quiet and do not run around the facility. Better yet sign them up for their own class in our Saturday children’s classes.