Since I began ballroom dance lessons two years ago with Dale, my passion for dance has been rekindled. His training in technique is impeccable and his patience seemingly infinite. Each lesson is as much fun as it is hard work and the time goes by in a flash.  His group classes are entertaining as well as educational and he brings something new to every dancer no matter what their level may be. I leave each class wanting more and impatient for the next. Whether you are a beginner, or looking for advanced training Dale is a great teacher.

I didn’t want to sound too gushy so this is from the heart.



Dale is an amazing and professional Latin and ballroom dance teacher.  He teaches technique clearly, explains every step precisely and delivers high quality instruction and choreography for all levels of dancers.  His sense of humour makes his classes fun and entertaining.  He is a top notch teacher, performer, and choreographer.  He had excellent reviews teaching workshops for the BC Dance Educators conference in 2015 and 2016.

CynthiaDance Educator