TIP #1 * How many dance lessons are required for our “First Dance”?

This is usually the first question asked one week prior to the wedding when the couple is considering dance lessons so they can shine on one of the biggest days of their lives. They may have seen the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” and now they figure, if they can do it in one week, so can we. The simple answer is a minimum 5 lesson package, however a 10 lesson package is better and spreading that out over several weeks is more beneficial with lessons twice a week which really helps to solidify what they have learned. Should there be enough time, it is also recommended to compliment your privates with social group dance classes of the same style.

Planning ahead is critical for reducing the couple’s stress level in an already delicate time when you are dealing with a multitude of sensitive decisions. The good news is that a certified dance instructor can really help make a few basic patterns look like you have been dancing forever. If you know the basic steps, dance in time and have a lady in your arms with a smile on your face, its mission accomplished. It’s very gratifying when you see the results of a nice entrance, a beginning, a middle, and an end with a dip or a corté and a proud exit.

Okay back to reality. The next big question is “how much should you expect to pay”? For pricing and fees call Dale directly (604-358-5652).

The most important thing to consider is getting a certified dance instructor. The reason is simple. They are very well rounded in Ballroom, Swing and Latin dance styles including Club dance styles and they will be able to suggest a suitable dance style for the music chosen for the most important “First Dance” song. The dance style has to fit the music, not the other way around.

TIP #2 * My Fiancé has never danced before. Is there hope?

If he or she is willing then there is hope. Men are usually the reluctant ones to participate in dance lessons because of Pink & Blue. Blue is brought up to kick or chase a ball and Pink is brought up to go to a Ball. Young adults are usually the ones getting married and are generally quicker to learn so that is in their favour. Men need to feel confident and in control of the task. Embarrassing themselves in unfamiliar territory is not comfortable. When women back-lead, their leaders will not develop the confidence required. The follow must be very patient and encouraging or she will lose that which she dreams of forever.

Men are 51% of the partnership and women 49%. Women can challenge themselves to improve their own posture, connection, foot articulation, arm styling, developing a smile and looking pretty. These things will keep them very occupied rather than concerning themselves with his part. “Two left feet” usually means someone doesn’t know how to listen to the music. Students can often dance the patterns, however when applied with music, the steps fall apart. A certified dance instructor can help you listen for the down-beat and get your timing back on track.

Dancing is really “Kids Stuff” just more refined, which then turns it from a chore to FUN. We all know how to skip or run in a circle or flop our arms or walk on our toes. If we can show you what you already know and now structure it to a pattern, resulting in increased motivation and involvement. Save the hard stuff for later when you’re hooked on dancing. Let’s just keep it light but focused.

TIP #3 * What is the appropriate footwear for dancing our wedding song?

No rubber, no tread, no platforms would be a good start. Would you skate without skates? Improper footwear can damage your knees. Dancers are generally encouraged by their teachers to at least pivot 180 degrees for certain dance patterns. Students that are keen for good performance could spend $75 – $200 for dance shoes made for dancing. Dance shoes have suede leather soles for just the right friction on a smooth dance floor. It is the job of a dance shoe to be snug, allow you to slide or spin and connect all parts of your foot to the floor and maintain balance. Certain dance styles require a particular shoe.

Now you say why should we go to all the expense when we are only going to dance one song? We just want to have fun and not make fools of ourselves. Here is an alternative – send your future husband to get black dress shoes with a smooth plastic bottom or preferably a smooth leather bottom that is not thick soled. Thin is better for a flexible shoe. Every man needs a dress shoe so let’s not fudge on that, therefore consider it a lifetime investment. The ladies need the same kind of sole but try to wear a sensible heel. Another alternative is to take your shoe to a shoe repair and get a split leather cow hide sole glued on, including the heel (for the man’s shoe). This will cost about $50 a pair. Ladies, you can still wear your fancy white wedding shoes for your wedding vows and pictures just change into your dance shoes when you have a moment before stepping onto the dance floor and you’ll enjoy yourself so much more. If possible try to have a real wood dance floor rather than tile. If the floor is a little tacky then sprinkle Baby Powder on the floor, it tends to work better than Dance Wax or Dance Salt.

Last note: You will spend a lot of moola on your wedding vacation and it lasts maybe a week. You can spend way less money on dance lessons and the knowledge you acquire will last you a lifetime.


Taking into consideration the tips mentioned above, the result is evident in the link below. Continuing on with lessons even after the special day the couple prepared for, provides opportunity for building a strong relationship and special date nights.